The Chef Monica Team

Chef Monica has developed long-standing relationships with her closest Chef Associates, family & friends who have been cooking for years. Her culinary staff and resources are strong and very viable. “This team knows what it means to cook on a budget to a limitless budget”; says Chef Monica. She is staffed with at least 75 years of experienced chefs and home cooks. Entertaining with Chef Monica is keen to the busy lifestyles of families on the go to the Celebrity Chef cooking for the Stars and traveling across the globe.


This very distinctive show concept makes every effort to keeping a grounded view of eating fresh, farm-to-fork, healthy home cooked meals. Chef Monica strives to remain on the cutting edge of helping to improve the cooking lifestyles of home cooks with families on the go while celebrating the highly acclaimed celebrities’ dishes that drive culinary industry.

Entertaining with Chef Monica is a pleased to employ a “learning kitchen”; a kitchen where students, aspiring to novice chefs. It is an environment that encourages, motivates and unafraid to make progressive moves with preparing food. Chef Monica touts; “everyone can learn how to become an Executive or TV Chef. It’s everyone’s job to contribute and help make room for new talent while sharing what was taught to us”. Chef Monica carefully looks for artistic cooks who use their education, experience or family traditional recipes and how to transform them into star-studded and healthy dishes. Chef Monica equates her success to listening to all her team members’ love for cooking and passion for elevating their skills to create their own culinary environment.


One of Chef Monica’s mottos is: “Go Get IT!” IT refers to the higher goal of the task on hand. Chef Monica is dedicated to health and wellness and educating others in the community on how to live long nutritional bodies with whatever we cook.


Chef Monica constantly reminds her team; “we are only as good as our last dish”; so let’s “go get it”. The team endeavors to show off the best Chefs and what it takes to become one of America’s most celebrated and paramount chefs. “Our staff is determined to using their professionalism and techniques to assist home cooks with preparing healthy, homemade meals and minimize waste while managing their budgets”; states Chef Monica.


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